How to make a kimono aloha shirt

  1. Araibariい

Originally a kimonoRemove all the threads from the seams and return them to the state of each part such as the body sleeves.ます。
After that, use a special detergent etc.
Wash with water Wash by hand one by one by washing with hot waterます。

After this, the tension is put out through the process of hot water.出します。


The state where all the kimono is untied


  1. Cutting pattern matchingせ

After going through the washing process from the state of the kimono, this time the fabric is cut according to the pattern.います。


At this time, we pay particular attention to pattern matching.です。

Especially when remaking a kimono with a picture feather pattern, I will cut it according to the pattern, keeping in mind that the patterns are connected as much as possible when wearing it as an aloha shirt.ます。


All parts cut


  1. Sewing

「After going through the process of cutting and pattern matching, we will sew the fabric together.きます。


We will sew carefully one by one instead of assembly line work。

In particular, the collar and the back part are sewn with an interlining so that tension will come out.あります。



We will sew the pockets etc. with the pattern as much as possible. Depending on the product, we may bring a different pattern on purpose.ます)

The back and back are also carefully sewn together.。


Click here for the finished product↓


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