History of Hawaiian shirts

  • Paraca shirt is the origin?

It has already been introduced in various articles that what is called the traditional Hawaiian Hawaiian shirt'is this shirt with a grid pattern called Paraca.ます。

It is said that the roots of the open-collared shirts worn by British and American sailors who originally came to Hawaii are said to be roots.あり)


  • 「Relationship between kimono and Hawaiian shirtの関係

It is officially said that the Japanese settled in Hawaii as immigrants in 1885, and it is stated that the work of immigrants at that time was mainly sugarcane cultivation.す。

Therefore, it seems that the local people in Hawaii wore the above-mentioned Paraca shirt when working in the sugar cane field, and cotton fabric was the mainstream.そうです。

The Japanese clothes of immigrants were kimonos brought from Japan, not clothes.でした。
So it seems that they remade their kimono to resemble a Paraca shirt and wore it.たようです。
This is 「Aloha shirt」Is said to be the origin of。

If you say so, somehow Kasuri kimono and Paraca are similar.ていますね!


  • Birth of Hawaiian shirt

What is ALOHAA heart and spirit that accepts everything」であり「With compassion and respect「愛」をもってMeans to be in contact with people。

Akahai compassion
Lokahi cooperation
Olu’olu Joy
Ha’a Ha’a Humble and honest heart心
Ahonui patience

The kimono that the Japanese brought in from their home country was remade into a shirt, and the Paraca-style Japanese pattern shirt gradually spread in Hawaii, and around 1930, this Paraca-style Japanese pattern shirt came to be called the Aloha shirt.なったそうです。


this 「Aloha shirt」It is said that it was the beginning of the newspaper advertisement that Musashiya Shoten, a Japanese clothing store in Honolulu at that time, made the word known to the people of the world.ています。

「Musashiya Shoten established the Hawaiian shirt as one product, and after that, with the advent of chemical fiber rayon etc., various processing became easier and the hibiscus patternり「ハイビスカス柄・Printed patterns such as nature patterns have become mainstream and continue to this day.。


  • Kimono aloha

Most of the fabrics used in current Hawaiian shirts are made of synthetic fibers such as polyester, but the so-called vintage fabrics used at that time such as rayon and silk are said to be high-class aloha shirts.と言われています。

Provided by KIMONO-CYCLE「Kimono aloha」Of course, the shirt is also Made in Japan of 100 silk pure silk, and even if it is changed to a shirt by making use of the technique Yuzen dyed foil processing embroidery of the Japanese kimono craftsman at that time, we stuck to the pattern matching as much as possible and provided it as a modern Hawaiian shirt. I think供していきたいと思います。

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